Creativity: Enriching The Imagination

As a child, your creative juices are heightened and flow by demonstrating no inhibitions, and acting out every whim at any given time.  The innocence and the ability to express every thought or emotion depict how sincere children are generally.  Most of the time, these outbursts develop into ideas that result in creativity that emerges unexpectedly.  Existing arguments about whether creativity is lost by the time that child reaches adulthood remains to be explored.  Many studies suggest that creativity diminishes around middle school years and beyond.  Personally, I believe creativity stays tucked away within your inner self until realization strikes (at some point) that makes it possible to rekindle ideas at a business level or through personal goals.   Please keep in mind that exploring avenues by forward thinking produces original concepts and enhances existing ideas.  

Specifically, life often throws a curve ball which alters one’s existence and purpose – ultimately losing sight of what really matters and hindering thoughts and ideas for progression or personal growth.  In 1991, a film entitled Hook aired in theatres everywhere.  It is a story about Peter Pan and how as an adult he lost his ability to be creative losing his imagination, and meeting the responsibilities as an adult – his profession dealt with high-end clientele as a merger and acquisitions lawyer.  He had to recapture his youth in Never Land to rescue his kidnapped children from Captain Hook – Steven Spielberg had an agenda when he directed this movie, does creativity and imagination ring a bell? 

Recently, I read an article asking a very crucial question, can creativity be taught?  It is not about how we can teach creativity but rather focusing on the developmental journey coupled with information gathering research that is vital within the creative process.  Moreover, after reading “Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills,” it takes us to the fundamentals of child’s play, which involves the imagination as the rudimentary element for creativity. Since the beginning of time, society places emphasis on creativity, now you be the judge:



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