Taking Innovation to the Next Level

k10046693Throughout the years, the yearning desire to help people find information became a routine that still exists today. The resources available at my fingertips provide support by meeting requestor’s needs for materials and services, from how to obtain documents from the government to resume writing that led to information gathering sources with a purpose. It includes a broad spectrum of knowledge acquired by working at a library resource center for a significant amount of years. In moving forward in this endeavor, I now have a compilation of resumes (created free of charge) to produce promotional samples that ensure marketability by demonstrating the portfolio to prospective clientele.

During my second semester at SUNY Empire State College, I took an online course on Proposal Writing that dealt with the complexity of business writing; consequently, taking what I have learned and the necessary know-how gained from this course, I wrote a business proposal. e-Works Resume Services (looking to trademark name which currently remains available) is a new concept rendering unequivocal services to anyone seeking employment opportunities at affordable prices. The purpose of writing this proposal extends a helping hand to career changers, the unemployed, and job seekers trying to enhance their skills by developing a strategic plan to make each person marketable; regardless of financial status to a generation of Americans striving to return to the job market. The long-term goal is partnering with small businesses that are enthusiastic and committed in this endeavor which will take this start-up to the next level.

Incorporating ideas from an article, Innovation 101, by Carolyn Geer details pertinent information that involves making an idea come alive instituting the pedagogy formula for success called “design thinking”:

Experience – provide hands-on techniques to problem-solving through research and observation.

Ideation – In this instance, visualizing and brainstorming solutions with client for maximum results.

Prototyping – Creating a model and finalizing prototype to acquire the learning experience, even though it may take several attempts to accomplish the end product.

While the article aims at the model plan for students at the Stanford University’s engineering school, Mr. Kelley’s “design thinking helps people regain their creative confidence” (Geer, pg.1). Suffice it to say, there are a multitude of resume services but this one will have a unique twist that offers a solution to the problem and differs from all the rest.


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