Creative Ideas versus Nonconformity

Pondering creativity from the opposing viewpoint of an incredulous person is mind-boggling. Much like second-guessing, which results in mind reading that leads to assumptions rather than facts, the truth is, creativity is everywhere but most people believe that it exists among the intellect and a selected few triumphs or reaps the reward of innovation ─ such as scientists, mathematicians, and so forth. Let’s face it, anyone can increase creativity by getting involved in matters of interests, but not everyone agrees with innovative concepts or awareness regarding creative thoughts.

In the Muller article, based on the book entitled “Why No One Wants Creativity,” chapter by Barry Staw explains, “people often reject creative ideas when espousing creativity as a desired goal” (2). The interpretation derived from two studies show how creativity happens to fall short of realization due to recognition failure or block creative ideas because of uncertainty. The reality is that most people reject creativity due to unfamiliar grounds.

After reading this article, I recall last semester during a discussion in the Mass Communication course ─ selected advertising track to create a web-based media project. A fellow classmate wrote (not verbatim) that it is a huge undertaking to write and create a service such as e-Works Resume Service, and that special emphasis is required to make it work. Now, what is hidden in this statement? Clearly, creative bias creeps up producing a negative connotation. Applying Jennifer Muller’s experimental study that indicates uncertainty which explains why most creative ideas never materialize. Society has a history of repeating itself, and uncertainty not creativity becomes the subject of scrutiny that audience experience when dealing with creative ideas, such as the above-mentioned case scenario. A noteworthy mention, the assignment called for designing a web-based advertising scheme for e-Works Resume Service ─ chose an email advertising campaign. In addition, the elements required for a successful ad campaign includes the basic Associated Press writing techniques for print and online advertising purposes. Although the comments from classmates varied, some participants strayed by commenting about the innovative start-up instead of the web-based email ad campaign.

While e-Works Resume Service is not a novel idea, the concept provides unequivocal services to anyone seeking employment opportunities to a generation of Americans striving to return to the job market at affordable prices. One possible solution to overturning creativity bias and uncertainty is to continuously promote the product which ensures practicality and desirability.


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