Global Communication and Spirituality

New Yorker’s never skip a beat — the minute the alarm sounds off, and before you know it, running starts the day whether going to work, school or merely taking care of household responsibilities. Every waking moment begins with a new agenda and no relaxation in sight. Phew, this scenario reminds me of the energizer bunny that continuously keeps going without a pause button to stop when necessary. If mentally aware of what needs to be done throughout the day, a good start focuses on prioritizing your workload. However, mindful of the endless task at hand, it is necessary to engage in a thought process, perhaps spirituality?

Take your pick, whether the mode of spirituality is devotion, meditation, prayer or religion, spiritual knowledge for global communication transcends to achieve maximum results in greater numbers. The slide share by Silvia Purpuri and Retsam Zhang shows a model of interconnectivity that streams energy with another individual which in turn enhances communication in a pervasive online environment.

What does spiritual knowledge entail in a world where global communication is prominent? Personally, interpreting the significance of a spiritual being means to have the ability to communicate freely across a wide array of platforms and a multitude of tools to choose from. The criterion for a successful communicative endeavor depends on the model of spiritual knowledge that one must follow for a successful outcome, which means that peevishness does not fit the equation.

Observe – a perfect example illustrates the inception of MOOCs that enriches this nonlinear learning experience. Upon registering for Creativity & Multicultural Communication, the very essence of delving into this environment means to explore, familiarize and take part of the randomness to generate ideas that will ultimately lead to unexpected thought process.

Discover – The learner welcomes anything of interest by sharing ideas through a plethora of platforms and tools for social-working strategies.

Balance – Establishing order and self-acknowledgement which ensures equilibrium and adaptability within a global sphere.

In the end, spirituality begins with one’s self. Whether the spiritual realm connects to God, it is the ability to respond with happiness upon achieving self-realization in order to move forward and share positive interaction with others. The global culture of communication adheres to the rules of the game to interconnect with various platforms and tools with a common ground.